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As audio-video system migrate from dedicated “AV-only” networks to the enterprise network, this presents unique challenges, regardless of system size. And being on the network opens up a myriad of possibilities for system design.

A valuable tool in solving many of the challenges of using a converged network for AV is Dante Domain Manager. Dante Domain Manager is a network management software that enables user authentication, role-based security, and audit capabilities for Dante networks, while allowing seamless expansion of Dante systems over any network infrastructure. It gives you the ability to have your Dante system designs span across multiple subnets and allows you to break up your system into smaller, more manageable domains. Dante Domain Manager lets you monitor the health of your Dante network proactively and its logging capabilities show usage and status to troubleshoot issues objectively.

During this course we will discuss best practices for creating a user-friendly Dante system design using Dante Domain Manager. Topics covered will include device naming conventions; best practices for braking up a Dante system into Domains while considering network infrastructure, clocking, Dante flows, and user access; and using shared audio groups to send audio between domains.

This online course is intended for integrators, consultants and end users that are interested in designing and implementing Dante systems incorporating Dante Domain Manager.

Familiarity with Dante and some basic networking knowledge is assumed. If you are unfamiliar with Dante, it is recommended that you complete the Dante Certification Courses Level 1 and 2 before this webinar.

Vision2 Marketing will be hosting two sessions - Tuesday, October 13th and Thursday, November 5th both from 9 AM until 10:30 AM CST. Please select the session you would like to attend below.

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