Video and Control Solutions
Command & Control:
Campus-wide control and monitoring, audiovisual control/automation, bell systems, emergency systems, automation and control monitoring.
AMX SchoolView
All-In-One Presentation Systems:
Video switching, room control/automation, audio switching and control.
4K - AMX Incite
4K - AMX N7142 (Included IP Video Card Slots)
Video Displays:
Video display devices for the classroom or public areas. This includes traditional flat-panel displays, video projectors and direct video LED walls.
Samsung HD Displays
Samsung 4K UHD Displays
Samsung Interactive Touch Screen Displays
Digital Projection HD Laser Projectors
Digital Projection Radiance LED Panels
Video Extension and Distribution:
Video extenders are used to send video signals from a source to a display that is typical further away than a normal cable can reach. By using extenders, video signals can be sent great distances to link classrooms, or send video to many different areas of a campus for announcements.
IP Video - Utilizes an existing network to allow video to be distributed across a large facility or campus. These systems can use CAT5/6 or fiber.
     HD - AMX SVSi N1000 Series
     4K UHD - AMX SVSi N2300 &2400 Series
     H.264 Over IP - AMX SVSi N3000 Series
     4K - AMX N7142 (Included IP Video Card Slots)
HDbaseT - Utilizes independent wiring infrastructure (CAT5/6 or fiber) that can only be used with HDbaseT enabled devices.
     AMX DXLink Series
     Hall Research UH Series
     Datavideo HBT Series
Standard Extenders - Also utilizes independent wiring infrastructure that requires a home-run directly from the transmitter to the receiver. May also require multiple lines to run higher resolution signals.
     Hall Research
Web Streaming
Many educational facilities are utilizing web streaming to broadcast classes, lectures and special events. For online classes and distance learning, this is the preferred method students to receive instruction.
     Datavideo HS-1300 Portable Switcher w/ Streaming
     Datavideo NVS Series Streaming Encoders & Recorders
     Datavideo Virtual Studio Systems
Cameras are becoming more common in education facilities as the use of web streaming and recording for distance learning is becoming more of a standard. There are two types of cameras available:
Standard Output - Contains standard video outputs (HD/SDI, HDMI, DVI)
H.264 Output - Uses USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or Ethernet (IP) output. These cameras are typically used for web-streaming, security applications, or with web-based video conferencing applications (Skype, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, etc.)
PTZ Cameras
Cameras having the ability to pan, tilt and zoom with a joystick controller.
     4K UHD - Marshall CV612 Series (HDbaseT Capable)
     HD - Marshall CV620 Series
     HD w/ IP Output - Marshall VC620IP
     HD w/ USB 2.0 Output - Marshall CV610-US
     HD w/ USB 3.0 Output - Marshall CV
POV or Static Cameras
Small cameras that can be used for static shots, document cameras, sporting events and other uses. Most of these cameras have different lens options that will allow them to be used in different scenarios and distances while still obtaining the perfect image.
     4K UHD - Datavideo Block Camera*
     HD - Marshall Miniature Cameras - CV502, 505 & 565
     HD - Marshall Compact Cameras - CV343, 345, 365 & 350
     HD - Marshall Weatherproof Cameras - VC502-WP**
     HD - Marshall Miniature USB 3.0 Camera - CV-502-U3
* Does not have interchangeable lens options
** Available in in a 2.8mm or 6mm F2.0 lens option
Audio and Lighting Solutions
Small and Portable Audio Solutions:
Classrooms, lunchrooms, libraries
     JBL EON 206P All-In-One Portable Sound System
     JBL EON 208P All-In-One Portable Sound System
     JBL EON One Sound System w/ Sub
     JBL EON One Sound System w/ Sub and Battery Powered
Medium Sized Portable Audio Solutions:
     JBL EON 600 Series Portable Powered Speakers
     JBL PRX 800 Series Portable Powered Speakers
     JBL SRX 800 Series Portable Powered Speakers
Large Portable Audio Solutions:
     JBL VRX900 Constant Curvature Array System
     (Powered & Passive Options)
     JBL VTX A8 Line Array System