Hall Research Releases 4K HDMI Audio Extractor with Audio Amplifier, RS-232 and IP Control

Hall Research EMX-I-AMP

The EMX-I-AMP is a 4K HDMI Audio Extractor with built-in 50 watt audio amplifier for direct connection of 8 ohm speakers. It provides an additional line-level stereo audio input that can be mixed with the HDMI audio. The built in WebGUI can control the basic functions of this model via LAN. Volume can also be controlled using front panel buttons, RS-232 commands, or via an external rotary digital encoder. An independent RS-232 output port can be used to control other devices.

IP control adds Telnet and a WebGUI. This gives the user the ability to control the device through a PC or Smartphone. Telnet control uses the same commands as the serial interface.You can power the device on and off, select the Audio Mix, control volume up/down/mute functions, and if you have programmed RS-232 ON and OFF commands for your display, you can also control the power of the TV (or set it for Auto where the commands are automatically sent based on video detection).

The webpage has buttons and indicators that show the state of that feature. The indicators are active even if buttons are disabled.

The EMX-I-AMP can pass commands from its RS-232 input to the RS-232 output. It also has the ability to store user defined ON and OFF commands for controlling devices connected to its RS-232 output (e.g. to control power on/off function of display). The stored RS-232 commands can be triggered automatically (based on detecting HDMI input) or manually by user command (RS-232), or contact closure.

Full EDID management is provided with the ability to learn, download, upload, emulate or pass-thru the EDID from the connected display. A USB port is featured on the front panel that can be used to configure the device operation via a free Windows™ GUI available from the Downloads tab.