Infocomm 2017 Wrap Up

July 24, 2017

HARMAN Professional introduced an incredible array of new products at Infocomm 2017 in Orlando. With the incorporation of exclusive brands and technology, there are many exciting additions to the product portfolio including new video of IP solutions, Connected PA products and more. Here are a few of our favorites-


AKG Pi5 Microhone w/ HARMAN Connected PA Functionality

The AKG P5i high-­performance dynamic vocal microphone delivers powerful sound for lead vocals. Its supercardioid polar pattern ensures utmost gain before feedback and suppresses ambient noise - even on the loudest stages. P5i also features a heavy-­duty metal body to withstand tough stage performances, and an integrated windscreen that efficiently eliminates pop and wind noise. And best of all, the AKG P5i features embedded HARMAN ioSYS technology so it automatically configures with the HARMAN Connected PA app and ecosystem, providing effortless set up, instant recall of performer and presets, and great sound for musicians of all skill levels.


                               Pricing: $99 MSRP - Shipping: June2017

AKG HC-644 Head-Worn Microphone

After many years of experience with AKG´s best sold head-worn microphones C544 and C555 it was time to use all the learnt facts and create a new generation. The output of this development is the brand new HC644 MD. It is the perfect tool for presenters in the corporate market but also ideal for sport applications like aerobics. More and more wireless systems in the low to mid price range are based on 2,4 GHz technology causing nasty interference with microphones. The new HC644 MD is well protected against those problems.

The main improvements of the new version are a smaller capsule design with a higher sensitivity, an exceptional RF shielding, a sweat-resistant design and the ability to fit to all major wireless systems on the market.


Pricing: $179 MSRP - Shipping: June 2017

AKG LC617 Lapel Microphone

After many years of experience with AKG´s best sold lapel microphone C417 it was time to use all the learnt facts and create a new generation. The output of this development is the brand new LC617 MD. It is the perfect tool for presenters and actors, being reliable and performing exceptional sound, even in rough environments. More and more wireless systems in the low to mid price range are based on 2,4 GHz technology causing nasty interference with microphones. The new LC617 MD is well protected against those problems. 

The main improvements of the new versions are the exceptional RF shielding and the ability to fit to all major wireless systems on the market. 

AKG offers 2 versions - black and beige. The black one comes with a tie clip and is designed to be worn on a suit or tie by presenters. The beige version is meant to be mounted in an actor's mask and comes with a cable clip.


Price: $179 MSRP - Shipping June 2017

AMX Incite 4K60 4:4:4 Digital Video Presentation Switcher

Introducing the new AMX Incite Digital Presentation System with legendary HARMAN audio performance with BSS, dbx, and Crown; the highest quality AMX video, control, switching, scaling, and distance transport – all combined with new professional presentation style windowing and transitions. Incite brilliance during any lecture, presentation, or board meeting with the very best presentation system on the market today.



8x1 - $3,850 MSRP

8x1 w/ Amp - $4,350 MSRP

8x1 w/ Amp + NX Processor - $5,350 MSRP

4K60 RX (DX Link Receiver) - $525 MSRP 

Shipping - Fall 2017

AMX N2315-WP 4K Over IP Wall Plate


The NMX-ENC-N2315-WP provides the excellent encoding capabilities of the NMX-ENC-N2312 in a 2-gang wallplate format. This encoder fits conveniently into a 2-gang US back box for easy installation in a wall, floor or lectern. Connect to power and Ethernet using a single category cable.

Any source can be sent to one or more displays by routing through layer-2 / layer-3 switches utilizing standard Cat5e cable. The NMX-ENC-N2315 includes standard features like input scaling, bi-directional serial, IR, embedded 7.1 audio, and KVM-over-IP extension.

The N2300 Series provides a flexible, feature-rich, and simple-to-deploy Networked AV solution that can be used in 4K applications with resolutions up to 4096x2160, with support for HDCP 2.2. This motion-based wavelet codec solution delivers video with nearly imperceptible latency at an average bandwidth of 200 Mb/s allowing 4K distribution over standard gigabit Ethernet networks.

Crown Cdi DriveCore Series Amplifiers


Crown has expanded the newly created Cdi DriveCore Series of amplifiers with the addition of the 2|1200 and the 4|1200, both available with or without BLU Link. The CDi DriveCore Series is an evolution in amplification, providing an impressive mix of high-performance; rich feature set, and competitive cost. Using technology derived from our flagship Installed Sound amplifier (Crown DriveCore Install series), the CDi DriveCore offers streamlined functionality to work in almost any large sized installation such as cinema, houses of worship, hotels, cruise lines, and more. Designed for ease-of-use in a variety of applications, the amp includes network control/monitoring, high-level DSP, front-panel interface, and support for driving up to 100Vrms speaker loads without requiring a transformer. The 2|1200BL or 4|1200BL also comes with BLU link, adding the ability to send and receive channels over HARMAN’s digital audio BUS. The entire CDi DriveCore line comes pre-loaded with JBL speaker tunings to help make installations quicker and easier.

JBL LCT 81C/T Lay In Ceiling Tile Speaker 


LCT 81C/T is a full-range ceiling speaker designed to lay into a 2 ft x 2 ft US-style suspended grid ceiling, with no cutting of ceiling tiles required, making for an easy and cost-effective installation with a minimum of mess. The low profile depth of only 100 mm (4 in) allows the speaker to fit in locations where deeper loudspeakers do not. 

This loudspeaker is designed to provide excellent performance for paging and light-to-medium music in a wide variety of applications, including education classrooms, business music systems, retail stores, music/paging systems, airports, reception/waiting rooms, lounges, courtrooms, meeting rooms, and more. 

The very high sensitivity of 96 dB provides maximum sound level, even at low tap settings. LCT 81C/T contains a 200 mm (8 in) dual-cone driver with a very high 96 dB sensitivity. The driver features a 25 mm (1 in) diameter voice coil with a Kapton coil-former and high-temperature wire for better power dissipation and long-term reliability. The speaker's built-in 10 Watt transformer provides versatility by allowing use on 100V or 70V distributed loudspeaker lines, as well as at 8 ohms (low impedance) for driving directly from a low impedance power amplifier. Adjusting is convenient via a rotary switch on the side of the rear enclosure. Two safety seismic attachment tabs are provided for securing to ceiling deck, plus 4 holes are provided -- one in each corner. The color of the perforated grille is white.


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