MXL AC-360-Z USB Conferencing Microphone Now Shipping

MXL has announced that their new AC-360-Z USB conferencing microphone is now available to order. Based on the highly successful MXL AC-404 design, MXL has created the ultimate boundary microphone for use with most any computer, and/or soft codec system that has a USB 3.0 or 2.0 connection, and does not require any drivers. Housed in a solid metal housing, each of the 4 microphones in the array have 3 individual elements, for a total of 12 elements. With optimized settings available within the Zoom Room software, each of the 12 elements are individually processed and optimized for Zoom Room acoustics. Even with a 25 foot coverage range, multiple units can be daisy chained, with the included USB-C cables, for larger room installations. The AC-360-Z also includes a locking power supply, so the unit will not lose power in the case that it is accidentally hit or moved during use. Additionally, the AC-360-Z come with rubber feet, but can also be mounted to any surface, including a conference room table or a ceiling.

The AC-360-Z is priced perfectly at only $399 MSRP, and is available for order now!