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Martin Professional Introduces the MAC Axiom Hybrid

At Pro Sound & Light, on April 5 - 8, Martin will be expanding the MAC line with the introduction of it's first hybrid fixture, the MAC Axiom Hybrid. The all-in-one product can not only produce an extremely narrow beam to vary wide wash, it's also packed with effects and includes the MAC Viper color pallet with superior CMY color mixing. Most importantly, the Axiom has incredible brightness and intensity. To see how much so, check out the video below.

  • Zoom: 2-44° (continuous, no Beam/Spot modes)

  • 16 000 lumens wide / 14 000 lumens narrow

  • 31 000 000 cd high-intensity narrow beam

  • Low weight: 24.8 kg / 54.7 lbs.

  • Very compact

  • Real CMYC color mixing (MAC Viper color palette)

  • Independent 16-slot color wheel

  • Two gobo wheels (9 rot. & 16 stat.) with super-crisp projection and high contrast on surfaces and in mid-air

  • Animation effects integrated into fixed gobo wheel

  • Independent 3- and 8-facet prisms with unique patented dynamic ‘prism lineator’ zoom effect

  • Beamsmoother (for flat field projection)

  • Frost (for wash effect)

  • Backlit LCD onboard display with auto-flip

  • PowerCon TRUE1 mains input connector

  • 5-pin XLR DMX connectors

  • RDM functionality

  • 100-240 V operation, 600 W total power consumption

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