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New Product Announcements from ISE 2024


BSS proudly introduces Soundweb OMNI, the next generation in open architecture DSP. Featuring the most powerful processor ever from BSS, Soundweb OMNI caters to the diverse needs of hospitality, large venues, corporate, education and government installations. The Soundweb OMNI family combines enterprise-grade processors, flexible I/O expanders, Dante/AES67 networked audio, an onboard scripting engine developed by AMX, and a vast library of processing objects, including media playback, AEC, VoIP, and more. The platform is seamlessly managed through AVX Architect and AVX Control, an all-new software suite, built from the ground up to support the latest installed products from HARMAN Professional starting with BSS Soundweb OMNI, ushering in a new era of installed AV software at HARMAN.

Soundweb OMNI features two flagship processing devices, the 512p and 256p, which deliver exceptional DSP power and high Dante/AES67 channel counts, up to 512x512 at 96kHz. This surpasses previous generations and positions Soundweb OMNI to effortlessly meet today's complex demands while remaining future-ready for tomorrow’s AV/IT needs.

Soundweb OMNI also offers two I/O expansion devices, the 32e and 16e, which provide unparalleled I/O flexibility. Each audio I/O port is “format configurable” as either analog or stereo AES3 digital. Furthermore, certain audio I/O ports and all GPIO ports are “direction configurable” as either inputs or outputs - all easily managed through software on an individual port basis.

The AVX software suite streamlines the configuration, control, and monitoring of Soundweb OMNI systems through two user-friendly applications. AVX Architect is a desktop software app for system diagramming, device configuration, network management, and custom UI design. AVX Architect allows users to add an unlimited number of processors and expanders to a single project file, while still enjoying the simplicity of a true, single canvas for device configuration. AVX Control is a lightweight software app, which provides easy access to custom UIs for controlling and monitoring devices across a multitude of platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and AMX Varia touch panels. These custom UIs work not only with Soundweb OMNI devices, but also Crown DCi amplifiers and previous generation Soundweb London devices, thanks to protocol-bridging technology developed by AMX.



AMX SVSI N3300 Series Encoders and Decoders deliver the highest quality 4K60 H.26x and Dante AV-H video content at the lowest bandwidth to extend the reach of SVSI 4K60 networked AV solutions to the WAN for streaming, video to desktop, digital signage, set-top boxes, or mobile device applications.

In addition to transmitting HDCP content from N3300 Encoders to Decoders, they also feature recording of video to a USB 3.0 external drive on encoders, video preview images viewable from the built-in web interface or from a touch panel, and enhanced support for high-security networks. N3300 Encoders simultaneously output up to 4K60 H.26x or Dante AV-H on the primary stream and a high-compatibility H.26x secondary video stream to provide design flexibility and the most compatible options for remote viewing or recording.



Venue Synthesis is JBL’s next-generation 3D acoustic simulation software, designed from the ground up to allow system designers and engineers to accurately predict the acoustical and mechanical performance of JBL sound systems. The streamlined and intuitive user interface expedites the entire design process, allowing system designers to transition from conception to deployment in record time. The new advanced acoustic engine generates high-resolution simulations to accurately match real-life performance, while the sophisticated mechanical engine generates precise system reports and array statistics. Offering unparalleled simplicity, accuracy, and speed, Venue Synthesis stands as the ultimate sound system design tool for any situation.


Three new products were introduced in the LivePremier Series, advancing the range with Aquilon multi-screen and multi-layer live presentation systems supporting pixel canvases up to 16K: the Aquilon RS5, Aquilon RS6 and Aquilon Cmax.


With powerful new configurations, these six rack unit chassis (6RU) products offer up to 32 4K60p inputs (or 64 2K/Dual 60Hz inputs with 8-plug input cards) and up to 24 4K60p outputs (16 outputs can be used to drive Program(s) and the remaining outputs can be used to drive Auxiliaries). Like their siblings, they also have 2 dedicated multiviewer outputs and a Dante audio interface.


The systems also feature up to 64 layers and up to 48 still images.  They can be linked to any other LivePremier chassis (up to four) for even larger I/O needs: up to 256 inputs and 80 outputs total (320 outputs with DPH104s).  These new systems have become the most powerful solutions in the industry to drive the biggest global installations and events in a very integrated form factor!

The Solo media player is a straightforward single channel 4K video player with one program, one preview and intuitive user interface software that offers high-quality monitoring of the Program and Preview channels​. This media player focuses exclusively on seamless, high-quality playback of full-screen video files with native support of different codecs, including h.264, h.265/HEVC, AWX and non-standard resolutions.


Highly reactive and reliable, Solo is an excellent complementary product to Analog Way presentation switchers and is tailored for live-operated scenarios in both rental and staging and live-like system integration. Solo is safe and intuitive to operate, making it fast to train operators. Analog Way provides go-to products for these end-users too!


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