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Martin Launches VDO Face 5 LED Video Panels

Martin Professional introduces the Martin VDO Face 5 video panel, a 5 mm video panel for outdoor and indoor applications. The VDO Face 5 creates a complete visual solution when mixed with other Martin LED video products, such as the VDO Sceptron. In addition, the VDO Face 5 saves valuable time when building shows and saves money due to a substantially longer lifetime than comparable products.

“Not only does the VDO Face 5 feature our proprietary P3 technology, with the software being significantly more powerful than similar products in the market, enhancing the image quality and dynamic range. It also makes the VDO Face 5 fully compatible with the entire portfolio of Martin LED video products.”, said Wouter Verlinden, Product Manager, LED Video, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The panels are calibrated, so you can add more video panels to your existing stock anytime, if needed, and they will look the same. Calibration and LED aging compensation also means we have effectively doubled the lifetime compared to similar products. Users also save significant time and money with easier and faster setup.”

An ideal solution for the rental market, the VDO Face 5 offers high image quality along with the ability to seamlessly mix with other creative LED video products and control them all from one Martin P3 System Controller. This complete solution offers endless possibilities for outdoor and indoor use.

“The VDO Face 5 is driven by the Martin P3 System Controller family, which opens up new creative potential for fully integrated, complete LED video solutions,” said Wouter Verlinden. “We believe the VDO Face 5 will quickly find a substantial following in the rental market, especially for outdoor use, but also for indoor installations.”

The VDO Face 5 will begin shipping in November 2016.

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