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JBL CBT 1000 & 1000E Now Available for Pre-Order

JBL Professional is pleased to announce that orders are now being taken for our next-generation adjustable coverage column array loudspeaker system – the CBT 1000 (full-range) + CBT 1000E (extender). There truly is nothing like this speaker system in the marketplace.

Expanding upon JBL’s highly successful Constant Beamwidth Technology™ breakthrough, the CBT 1000 represents the next-generation in pattern control consistency, featuring highly adjustable vertical coverage (without the use of DSP) plus tapered horizontal waveguide to more accurately map to the room geometries of a wide variety of listening spaces. The asymmetrical settings allow sending of more sound toward far areas of the room, leveling out sound levels from front to back. The system handles 3000 Watts, features pattern control to below 200 Hz, and is IP-55 rated for outdoor use.

What Makes the CBT 1000 system an UNBEATABLE Solution?

  • Constant Beamwidth Technology™ with adjustable / asymmetrical vertical coverage and tapered horizontal coverage allows for excellent mapping of the listening space and effective coverage of corner seats.

  • Individually adjustable “pattern up” and “pattern down” coverage settings provide 16 different coverage pattern combinations.

  • Reduced audio spill into non-audience areas results in clearer music, more intelligible speech, and better direct-to-reverberant ratio.

  • Very high sound levels -- up to 131 dB average /137 dB peaks (at 1 m, depending on the settings*).

  • Twelve 6.5-inch high-excursion LF drivers (system) and twenty-four purpose-designed high-power HF tweeters.

CBT 1000 - $2650 USD MSRP

CBT 1000E - $1450 USD MSRP

CBT 1000 + 1000E System - $4100 USD MSRP

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