New HydraPort Touch from AMX Now Shipping

The HPX-MSP-7 and HPX-MSP-10 / HydraPort Touch Connection Port with 7" or 10.1" Panel is an 8 or 10 Module HydraPort Connection Port with a 7" or 10.1" Modero S Series Touch Panel built into the cover. By combining device connectivity and room control into a single unit, the HPX-MSP-7 and HPX-MSP-10 reduces clutter and saves space on the table top.

Thanks to an elegant yet practical design, the HPX-MSP-7 and HPX-MSP-10 look great in any room, from huddle spaces to large conference rooms. When closed, the unit sits flush with the table top to keep the meeting space neat and clean. When open, the unit provides easy access to the HydraPort modules and a full-featured Modero S Series Touch Panel.

The HPX-MSP-7 and HPX-MSP-10 includes the same flexible configuration that customers love about HydraPort. It uses simple, interchangeable modules to put together the exact future-proof configuration you need today and tomorrow. It can accommodate any existing HydraPort module, including retractable modules, and is simple to install.

The HPX-MSP-7 and HPX-MSP-10 includes a specially designed, ultra-thin 7" or 10.1" control panel that includes all the great Modero S features, including a brilliant 24-color depth, PoE connectivity, video streaming, and VoIP support – all at an economical price point.


  • The HydraPort Touch is ideal for conference rooms and classrooms with small to medium-sized tables

  • Perfect for a combined connectivity and control solution in lecterns and podiums