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Datavideo Announces New Products for NAB

Datavideo HS-1300

The HS-1300 is a cost effective, all in one 6 channel hand-carry mobile studio with built-in streaming and recording capabilities. It has all the same great features of the HS-1200, with the addition of a built-in H.264 encoder for streaming. Therefore, the workflow is simplified because it is no longer necessary to add an external encoder to do streaming. Simply connect the HS-1300 to a network and begin streaming your program to your preferred CDN. In addition to the streaming capability, the HS-1300 can also record the program output to an SD card.

Because of its lightweight portable design, the HS-1300 is ideal for various applications such as live concert events, seminars, sporting events, and live TV programs that need to mix a variety of video and audio sources. Other features include a 17.3-inch LCD monitor, which displays the multi-view, dual chromakey, DSK, still store, user memories, and PIP. Why lug around multiple pieces of equipment for your productions when you can have an all in one product like the HS-1300? Switch, monitor, stream, and record simultaneously with the HS-1300.

Key Features

  • Supports 6 video inputs (SDI x 4 + HDMI x 2) and 3 Video Output: ( SDI x 2 + HDMI x 3)

  • Support different bitrate for recording to SD card and streaming function

  • One button set up for recording and streaming

  • Broadcast quality H.264 network streaming

  • 2 x XLR Analogue Audio Inputs

  • Flexible Mix/Effects Processor with:

  • 2 Upstream Keyers, supporting Chroma Key & Linear/Luma Key

  • 2 DSK, supporting Linear & Luma Key Modes

  • 1 PIP (assignable to any of the 4 keyers

  • Wipe, Mix & Cut Transitions

  • Full M/E Preview function

  • Any Input (1-6) can be used as a Frame store (Stills Store)

  • XPT (Cross Point Assignment)

  • Tally and GPI output

  • One 17.3-inch with a resolution of 1600x900 dots

  • Easy to use On-screen Menu System for quick setting of parameters

Datavideo NVS-40

The NVS-40 is a multi-channel video encoder, streaming unit, and recording station. This single piece of equipment ensures that you can send out multiple streams to different destinations in a variety of bitrates. The NVS-40 can also record on a hard drive, so your production is safe in all cases. The NVS-40 supports recording directly to the hard disk in master quality. Recording is also fully customizable with different GOP structures, frame rate and bit rate set up.

The NVS-40 uses cutting edge encoding to ensure the signal to arrive in superior quality. The encoder can downscale and de-interlace each incoming signal to meet the destination specifications. Each incoming signal is dual-encoded. This means that each signal can be distributed in two bitrates. This gives the user an enormous amount of freedom and flexibility. The NVS-40 can be used with all major streaming platforms and social media channels, such as YouTube Live, Facebook, Twitch, UStream, Akamai, Wowza, Adobe Media Server and Datavideo’s own DVS-200 server.

The NVS-40 offers extensive customization options. Each input channel has its own color correction options to customize brightness, contrast and saturation. Setting up NVS-40 is easily done with a very simple browser menu. This way, the NVS-40 is accessible from any device on the network.

Going live on the internet is mandatory for any video producer at the moment. NVS-40 gives you all the features and capacity to produce the way you like without giving up reliability. It can replace multiple streaming encoders and recorders. NVS-40 is a cost-effective solution for any video producer that needs to deliver his or her production to multiple servers at the same time.

Key Features
  • Four channels for video capturing, encoding, and streaming

  • Simultaneous streaming and recording (H.264)

  • Video IP switcher

  • 4-input ISO recording

  • Quad View / PIP / POP / Full Screen / PBP screen layouts

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